Pub and Bar POS System

The Only POS System Your Pub/Bar Needs

Any liquor establishment is a complex intermix of ambience and clientele. Maintaining a balance is an arduous process.

Our Pub & Bar POS system has earned its stripes within the alcohol business. Create and schedule happy hour specials for the whole week with no need to remember each day. Need to run a tab on a table/guest? All you need is a name. Employee logins and shifts are all logged.

Do you constantly change the beers on tap or have a experimentative mixologist in the house? Let him be creative, while you add and remove items with the same ease as the people enjoying them.

Send through sales figures at the end of a busy night with detailed item breakdown via SMS.

Our systems are fit-and-forget.

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Keep The Profits Flowing in with the Best Bar POS

The Sydney bar scene is an extremely competitive market. We know that a bar is a complex mix of ambience and clientele. To run and manage a great bar, you need the best bar point of sale system. People in Sydney love to party. Make your customers happy and satisfied by giving them your undivided attention. Our bar POS system is renowned for speed and reliability.

Our bar point of sales system is a simple and powerful tool. Right from inventory management, bar tab management, split inventory for liquor pours, cocktail menu customisations and more, we have the right tool for you at the best bar POS cost.

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Features of Bar Point of Sale Systems

Our quick and easy-to-use system provides you with an array of features. These features are designed to make your bar a hot destination for party lovers. The distinct characteristics that make our system the best POS system for a bar are as follows:

  • Easy Wastage Tracking

For any bar or pub, the biggest enemies are stock wastage and shrinkage. This can amount to substantial losses over time. It becomes crucial to track these so you don’t dig a big hole in your pockets later. Our bar point of sale systems gives you real-time tracking options, which helps with having better oversight of wastage.

  • Quicker & Newer Payment Options

Time is money when you are operating a bar. The success of your bar relies on the happiness of your customers and their word of mouth. Today everyone is going cashless. It’s time to speed up your payment time with the best bar POS. Whether it’s a debit or credit card payment or a third party digital payment option, we have got you covered. Get the best of both worlds with cash as well as digital payment options.

  • Stock Control

With the best bar POS software, you can keep a tab on your stock at all times. You can now easily manage your liquor in real-time. It also becomes easier to identify your slow and fast moving items with our live alcohol stock control feature.

  • Promotions

Make your bar’s happy hours happy for your employees too. Pre-schedule your happy hours for the whole week so your staff can concentrate on your customers and not worry about remembering the details of happy hours and special discounts. Let your mixologist be more creative while our system takes care of the rest. You can also create barcoded vouchers from the bar POS system.

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Why Choose the Best POS System for a Bar from Pos Depot?

At POS Depot, we understand that every bar is different. Every venue is unique with peculiar customers, and keeping everyone happy is a challenging job. Our bar point of sale system can be customised based on your requirements. You can customise your display, the way it best suits your staff. Our bar POS software allows you to track how your bar is doing and makes changes accordingly. In addition to this, our technical team is always on their toes to provide you with the best possible support. Connect with us today for the best bar POS software.

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