Takeaway POS System

Takeaway POS System

Let our POS systems capture orders from customers as quickly as they rattle it off. Our software is designed to function in an environment which is information heavy in a quick spurt. Indecisive customer? easily suspend and attend to another and resume at the touch of 3 buttons. Print kitchen and customer dockets with one tap. Any scenario you can think of, rest assured we have it covered.

Deliver Faster & Make Your Customers Happier with the Best Takeaway E-POS

POS Depot provides you with a reliable and easy to use EPOS system for takeaway. Our takeaway POS systems are powerful, affordable and totally scalable depending on your takeaway business. Whether you have a small, single venue or a growing takeaway enterprise in Melbourne, we have got you covered. POS Depot can change the way your business performs. Our POS systems capture orders from customers as quickly as they rattle it off. You can print kitchen and customer dockets with one tap making our software the best POS system for takeaway.

Why Choose Our Takeaway EPOS?

With our EPOS system for takeaway, you can now increase orders, automate marketing and engage loyal customers. With our takeaway EPOS, you can deliver faster and make your customer happier. Here are some of the best features that make our software the best POS system for takeaway.

  • All-in-one Takeaway EPOS

Our EPOS system for takeaway is an all in one turn-key touch screen POS system. It has fully integrated hardware and software. Various innovative features make it a perfect replacement for a mid-to-high-end electronic cash register.

  • Easy to Use

Our software is extremely easy to use. Our technical team is always ready to assist you and help you with whatever issues you face. We answer all your concerns patiently and also provide suggestions to take a business to a greater level.

  • Reliable

Our systems are designed to work throughout the day. They are extremely reliable and robust. Our takeaway EPOS system helps you in reducing your workload, so you can serve your customers better.

  • Dazzling Design EPOS System for Takeaway

Our POS software is neatly packed with ample features making it the best POS system for takeaway. The design of our software allows you to maximise your space without sacrificing any features. Our dazzling and stunningly designed POS system provides you with value for money.

At POS Depot, we understand the various challenges a takeaway business faces daily. Right from a hasty customer to one who cannot decide the order to one who keeps changing their order, our takeaway EPOS has got your covered. Speak to our team today to get the best pos system for your takeaway business.