Restaurant POS System

In a busy restaurant, our restaurant pos systems makes navigating a vast complicated menu easy for the staff as well as prompting upsell opportunities. Let your staff quickly grab an order for two or twelve with the same efficiency. Split a bill, offer a percentage discount, add loyalty points all with a few selections on a fuss-free screen display.

Connect and retain information from a printer via bluetooth in the kitchen and let your staff handle the hard work in the back while the front of house looks after customer satisfaction.

Why is Restaurant POS Software Important?

‘With food, one makes the fondest memories.’

Most restaurants are built with the goal of providing the best food to their customers and help them make happy memories. However, making good food requires precise measurements along with accurate time management. It’s not just that the food on the stove needs full attention but also the prior preparations and presentation needs equal time. At times, during busy days and festive seasons, the restaurant experiences unexpected footfall. Things can get messy quickly due to excessive workload of cooking, serving and managing the inventory alongside customers. In such times, it is best to opt for a smart restaurant point of sale system that helps you in tracking the overall work on the premises with ease.

Features in the restaurant point of sale systems

When someone comes to your restaurant, it is because they love to eat your food irrespective of what they think of the price and at times the ambience provided. The customer only comes back for the taste and if he doesn’t experience the same taste, he/she won’t come back or recommend it in his or her circle of friends and family. To avoid this situation, it is best to focus on your main work of serving and manage the subsidiary work with an easy restaurant POS system.

Let’s see what all work gets easy with the best tablet POS system for restaurant.

– Customer order tracking system

– Advance reminders for table bookings 

– Reminders of the stock in the restaurant 

– Pre and post communication with customers

– Option of adding new items in the menu

– Easy bill payment via customers at the checkout point

– Auto report generation option at the end of every completed order

– Auto-generation of the bill with exact price calculation post deduction of tax

– Direct reviewing system by the customers on the platform post using the restaurant services

– Automatics offers, discounts and promotion codes delivery to the customer base via text message or email

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