Pos System Integration

It takes several hours of hard work and a committed team of staff to operate a profitable multi channel business. There are a number of variables that go into managing operations in brick and mortar and eCommerce and the most vital one is POS system integration.

It’s hard to change things when things are going well. But there are ways to boost operations, increase revenue, and improve customer loyalty. By combining your in-store eCommerce and point-of-sale (POS) systems integration, your company can easily achieve higher targets.

Why Integrate POS systems?

Due to costs or the chance of business interruption caused by the need to modify existing systems, integrating your eCommerce platform with your POS integration can seem overwhelming. Once you realise the effect it has on your operations and customer service, it becomes worthwhile.

You are probably operating out of both systems right now. Your team is accountable for manually transferring data between them when not incorporated. Employees handle key information such as:

  • Product data from POS to your eCommerce channels
  • Sales orders from eCommerce to POS
  • Decimating inventory levels after sales
  • Shipping information and tracking status from POS to eCommerce channels

On the other hand, POS system integration leads to advantages like these:

  • Eliminate manual data entry, while reducing errors, to save time.
  • To prevent overselling, have specific inventory levels
  • Notify customers automatically when delivering orders
  • Enable consumers to pick up in-store online orders
  • Share customer details online between the online store and POS

To add more sales channels and manage growth, be flexible enough to realise the need to integrate your systems. This is only the first step in improving your business. You’ll have to pick how to integrate with it. There are a few different ways to link your POS and eCommerce systems, as you have probably guessed. Contact us to find out how.