Nepalese Restaurant POS

Touchless Nepalese Restaurant POS system

POS Depot deploys a revolutionary contactless ordering system with the help of a restaurant POS system. Complete digitalisation from payments to feedback. Reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Inventory and Recipe

For your entire menu catalogue, define, plan, procure, arrange ingredients & recipes. Automatically maintain a close inventory track based on sales and kitchen production.

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Table Management

With the help of the POS system for a Nepalese restaurant, manage tables seamlessly. Customise the display table according to your choice. Get orders from table customers with App order.

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Management of orders

Effortlessly manage menu listing with dynamic and flexible prices, dine-in, collect, and order delivery options. Furthermore, the restaurant POS system allows for quick bill splitting and order management.

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Fidelity to Customers

Attracting loyal customers, rewarding them to boost revenue and customer service. Defining attractive offers, happy hours and sales promotions.


Extensive rights of access to prevent robbery. Customisable audits for data editing. Get critical data entries SMS / email notification. Our POS system offers peace of mind with solid security, even with features such as a password-locked system and face-detect abilities.


We are very serious about the implementation of our products. Please contact us via phone, email, text messages or chat—comprehensive documentation on all our features.

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More Efficient accounting

The POS system for a Nepalese restaurant will not only alleviate your headaches but will also benefit your accountant. Your accountant won’t have to sort through countless receipts or wonder what’s missing because of the detailed tracking and reporting. Best of all, many POS system for Nepalese restaurant automatically transfer all of your data to accounting software, making everyone’s job easier. After using the modern design, you’ll wonder how you ever did it all manually.

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Reduce Long Wait Hours

Restaurants prepare various items from separate prep areas. Establishments serve drinks, appetisers, main courses, and so on from different counters. Customers can place orders from multiple areas at the same time. Such situations are every day and necessitate proper synchronisation; otherwise, waiters may serve incorrect orders. Bringing various servers into a single line manually is challenging; however, up-to-date Nepalese restaurant POS can make the process go more smoothly.

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Improved Menu Presentation

When you use a Nepalese restaurant POS system to program a beautifully designed display for your employees to use, they spend less time looking for a menu item. It allows you to organise your menu into sections like appetisers, main courses, drinks, and desserts. Using categories helps staff develop a faster checkout routine than using an old register where each price is manually entered, or items are scattered. The most significant advantage of this feature is that your customers will experience a smoother, faster checkout process.

Let Nepalese restaurant POS take care of everything, from billing automation to order management.

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