Bubble Tea POS

Build Lasting Customer Relationships With Bubble Tea Pos

For birthday parties and other special occasions, serve special discounts and offers. The tea shop owners create an experience for customers and increase traffic through the bubble tea POS system.

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Self Order

Designed to serve more customers, increase revenues, reduce resources and increase employee flexibility. You can minimise customer wait times by offering a seamless payment system that ensures customer satisfaction with our fast and easy-to-use bubble tea point of sale.

Reduce Long Queues With Bubble Tea POS

Long queues might be a big turn off for arriving customers. Our intuitive design interface enables your customers to place orders securely with only a few clicks.


With the help of a bubble tea POS system, you can conduct offers, deals and discounts to ensure that customers return.

bubble tea milk iced tea pos software milk tea

Bubble Tea Point Of Sale Secures Payments

We are confident that we have a payment solution that fits your beverage business perfectly with an ample range of payment integration options.

Track Your Sales

With our online reporting, track your sales in real-time. Get insights into your business activities, no matter where you are, by simply using your smartphone at any time of the day.

Effective Inventory Control

Maintain inventory- track and monitor what is sold and what is available on stock. This process allows automatic reordering on stock when the system recognises low stock conditions.

Employee Management

Employees can clock in and out of a bubble tea POS system using the time clock functionality built into the system. It also ensures high-level security by limiting access to sensitive data and implementing controls like voids, discounts, and refunds. A point-of-sale system improves financial security and streamlines time management.

Improved Menu Presentation

When you use a bubble tea POS system to program an ergonomically designed display for your employees to use, they spend less time looking for a menu item. It allows you to organise your menu into sections like appetisers, main courses, drinks, and desserts.

Categorising products helps staff develop a faster checkout routine than using an old register where we enter prices manually or have items over a large area. This feature offers your customers a smoother, effortless checkout process.

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