Barber POS System

Cut Your Costs & Increase Your Profits with the Best Barber POS System

Are you sick of sweating and wasting time over the small stuff? Want to concentrate and give more time to your barbershop? Well, we have just the right thing for you.

POS Depot has the perfect solution for your salon; our barber POS system is a game-changer and reduces your workload and down-time, giving you astonishing results.

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Features of Barber POS Software

Today the retail world has changed. Even the beauty industry has witnessed a plethora of new trends.

The barber point of sale system has made difficult tasks easier so you and your staff can concentrate more on your clients and give them the best services. Some of the incredible features of our Barber POS System include:

Staff Clocking In and Clocking Out:

With our barber POS software, you can easily manage your staff arrival times, lunch breaks and end of shift. The Clock In and Clock Out POS feature reduces your administration for payroll and day to day POS staff management.

You’re next in line SMS POS Reminders – Barbershops located in busy shopping centres:

One of the best features of barber POS software is an SMS notification sent to the customer, letting them know their barber is ready to cut their hair.

SMS notifications are a practical solution for Barbershops with limited seating; your customers can walk around in the shopping centre and wait to receive their next in line SMS.

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Barbershop Reports and budgeting:

Barbershop point of sales system helps you with in-depth insights about your business. You can track sales by product, sales by department-category and sales by barber. Even more importantly, barbershops can now create a budget and sales target for each barber to maximise sales.

The end of day reports for barber shops has become one of the most effective reports, allowing business operators to better understand how effective each barber is operating on a day to day or month to month basis.

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Integrated Eftpos and Tyro Payments:

You can now securely integrate all major bank Eftpos terminals to your Barbershop POS. Reduce end of day Eftpos cash up errors. By integrating your Eftpos terminal to your Barbershop POS system, this will ensure all Eftpos sales are accounted for.

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Loyalty & Rewards:

Our POS system helps you to keep track of your regular customers. You can have a loyalty program or give away rewards in the form of new offers and discounts.

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Why POS Depot for your Barber Shop POS – Point of Sale solution

The POS market is flooded with new technologies and features. POS Depot is different.

Our barber POS is made while keeping our customers in mind, and we provide you with customised solutions.

Our support team is always ready to assist you. We are renowned for going the extra mile to answer your questions quickly and provide you with POS Support and assistance.

Connect with us today for the best barber POS software.