Problems We Solve

POS Depot can
solve or prevent
your business
from common
POS issues

The retail world has changed dramatically and POS systems have increased the speed and efficiency of servicing customers. Whether your operating in a slow or busy environment, no business can afford to have down-time resulting in revenue loss and data.

Common POS issues surrounding software, hardware or environmental barriers need to be identified at the early stage of buying a new POS system or replacing an existing POS system. POS Depot team is made up of highly qualified consultants, business analysts and software engineers that can accurately identify common POS issues and can prevent them from taking place.

Every business has specific needs and its the ability of your IT professionals in identifying these needs and mapping out a process to run your business. This is where experience and culture is important and at its core is the foundation and depth behind POS Depot systems.

Streamlining Business Processes

Any business, be it the local fish and chips to the high-end retail store, relies on ease of doing business when dealing with customers. The last stage in any interaction with a customer is the Sales/Payment receipt stage and any hiccups at that point render all your earlier efforts tarnished. Our aim with our systems is to make that a process of great ease for you so that you can focus on customer retention and redress. From splitting bills, to calculating discounts on the fly, everything is a few taps away.

Loyalty/Rewards System Management

The POS’s we design and develop are well equipped to handle a loyalty system as nuanced or simple as you want it to be without being overwhelmingly complex. Any business may exist across several spheres in the online world, but the POS is where it consolidates and culminates. We have made it so that you never have to spend hours poring over complex dynamics of putting a loyalty system in play. Decide on a course of action, and watch our POS bring it to life. You can tweak it as you go along depending on your marketing model. We make it so that the benefits/revenue streams are always available to view in a holistic manner.

Handling a steep learning curve

We understand that new ‘mangled’ tech is not the easiest to understand. Take the black mirror in your pocket for instance, with its multiple layers of complexity. Our systems are designed to only provide and use the simplest of information, which after through consultation, is designed around your business. No guesswork is involved while handling day to day transactions or training new employees. Our software is designed to handle all complexity in the background and only present and accept simple queries.

Suitable level of tech implementation

Each business has their own way of doing things. A bluetooth printer might do great work in a huge kitchen but for the small bakery around the corner, it is redundant. We assess and provide you a report of tech level recommended based on how your business operational environment is. Our regular service to the POS is also mindful of the same and provides only relevant updates and changes.