POS Accounting System

Streamline Your Business with the Best POS Accounting Software

POS accounting software from POS Depot allows accounting to be done quickly and efficiently. Right from maintaining the books by capturing accurate sales to keeping reconciliations correct, we have got you covered.

Today, one of the biggest costs for any business is wages. It is crucial to correctly and efficiently manage staff wages and their timings. This is one of the most important factors for the success of your business. Our Point of Sale accounting software assists you in all this and more.

Features of Pos Accounting System

  • Manage Customer Accounts

With our POS accounting, it is now possible to manage multiple customer accounts efficiently. You can build up a customer database with a complete history of their transactions. This would assist you in understanding your customer, managing their accounts and lay-bys.

  • Process Sales & Invoice

We assure you full accuracy when it comes to invoicing and payments with our point of sale accounting system. You can quickly and efficiently process your sales through our POS accounting system. This would allow your staff to spend more time with your customers.

  • Track Inventory

Our POS accounting software assists you in keeping a track of your inventory. You can have a comprehensive view, see the value of your stock and much more with just a few clicks. Now it is possible to track your inventory in real-time.

  • Run Promotions

Now it is possible to increase your business using various promotional methods. You can manage a customer loyalty program in the POS accounting software itself. A points-based loyalty program will definitely ensure repeat purchases.

  • Integration with the Accounts App

It’s time to quit doing double work. Our point of sale accounting software assists you in saving time and reduces double entry. This happens when your POS data is automatically synced with your accounting app. You also get various other services like payroll, tax, reporting, invoicing and much more.

POS Depot provides you with an effective point of sale management tool that integrates with your accounting app. Our point of sale accounting system assists you in making adjustments to your accounts and files on a day-to-day basis. This gives you a complete and overall picture of your financial position. Connect with us today for the best POS accounting system.