QR Code Ordering POS System

Impress Your Customer with QR Code Ordering System

When you are looking for a way to cut down on waiting lines and ensure faster service to your customers, the first thing that comes to mind is the QR code ordering system. Due to the onset of the pandemic that prompted the need for social distance, using QR codes to place orders has become a common phenomenon. This form of POS uses technology to deliver better customer satisfaction.

A customer is the most important part of any business. Therefore, he/she needs to be provided with services that will benefit him in every way possible. A QR code ordering system is the perfect solution because it delivers much value. It not only is quick but also ensures safety. However, it is necessary to get it made and installed from the right place in order to prevent glitches and data breaches. POS Depot is one such reliable provider.

How Does Our QR Code Ordering System Work?

There are various steps of successfully placing an order through a QR code. The most common way in which any QR code ordering system works is as follows:

  • A scannable code is placed on your table or at checkout counters.
  • You can scan these using a QR code scanning app or your phone camera.
  • This takes you to a link where you can build up your cart, the way you want.
  • The link will also give you some relevant recommendations that you can choose to add.
  • You can then confirm and place your order after filling in relevant details.
  • A QR code system also allows you to pay directly through a secure portal.
  • The order will be received in the KDS system or on the back office computer.
  • Your employees can prepare and finish the order on their end.
  • You will be notified to collect the order or it will be served on your table.

Certain QR code POS systems also have additional features. These include videos and photos of products, discount coupon integrations and so on. POS Depot customises a QR code as per your business requirements.

Advantages of a QR Code Ordering System

One of the main reasons why a QR code ordering system is preferred is because of the slew of benefits it offers. Some of these advantages are as under.

  • Time and Cost Saving

It helps save time by cutting down on queues and enabling quick access to the product list. Moreover, since you don’t have to print a physical product list, menu and so on, much cost is saved. Cost of errors and constant upkeep is also reduced.

  • Less Upkeep

A physical menu and a manned POS system need constant maintenance. This is not the case with a QR code ordering system.

  • Provision of Customisation

You can get the QR code customised with videos, images, ads and discount offers. This offers better value to the customer while also helping you promote your business more. You can also choose an attractive design.

  • No Human Error

Since the system is automated, human errors can be avoided. This is because there is no confusion when it comes to what is being ordered and the amount that has to be paid.

  • Better Health

By ensuring social distance and negating physical touch, a QR code system promises better health and prevention from germs.

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