Why has usage of CCTV cameras increased in recent times?

Trust has always been a strong concept since the past, and it still is, only the fine lines separating it are changing. There was never a time before where we had to keep such a close watch on our belongings and our business places. However, things have changed, and with every single possession comes additional security.

In order to make the surveillance process easy, CCTV cameras were invented. These have become common if not mandatory in every business place, road junction, office, and even homes in the last decade. Even though it’s become easy to see what’s happening on the premises at every moment, keeping a track of it all simultaneously is challenging.

To solve this problem, we at POS Depot, have come up with specialised CCTV POS integration, which helps synchronise the process and everything can be managed by least human interference.

Features of POS security camera

With our technology, you can now not only keep an eye on all the activities happening in your office premises or home but can also track them easily with few clicks. Our POS CCTV software comes with the following benefits:

– 24*7 tracking system

– Overlats the POS receipt on the camera to be reviewed remotely

– Manual addition of location

– Jot down details of customer entry and exit point

– Minute wise footage recorded for proof on one click

– Manual filter facility for immediate access to activities

– Single platform for different location across the globe

– Automatic data generation of the footage recorded every day

– A facility of setting manual reminders for watching footage

– A search option for exact recorded footage to help find the culprit

– Remote access of the footage on all electronic devices like mobile, laptop, tablet etc.

If you face a problem in tracking your CCTV cameras, it’s time to install the CCTV POS system. Explore more features and working processes at or call us at 1300646288.

Take Control of Your Business with Our POS System

Run your business smoothly and seamlessly with a rich array of features. Our food truck POS Systems provides you complete control and flexibility. Some of the unique features are:

  • Complete POS Customisation

We understand that every business is different and so are their Point of Sales needs. Keeping this in mind, we develop customised solutions to accommodate your specific business requirements. Even if your venue has no internet or weak signals, you can continue stable services by syncing all reports even offline.

  • Enhanced Mobility

Given that your business is on the move, our POS system can function without glitches even when there’s no active or strong WiFi connection. Moreover, our POS system doesn’t require an on-site server, thus making installation, upgrades and maintenance effortless.

  • Manage Your Customer Efficiently

Packed with features like CRM tools, multiple payment options, multilingual setting and customisable receipts, we help you manage your customer efficiently.   Additionally, we include analytics and accounting tools to keep track of best sellers and customer buying patterns.

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