Online Ordering POS System

Gone are the days when people loved to come to the restaurant, wait for their chance to give an order and then wait again at the table till the food arrives. Nowadays, people do not like to wait at any place, especially if they are hungry.

The reality is that people do not have time like before to spend on their regular meals. In this situation, thinking of spending two to three hours straight for one meal in a restaurant sounds like a cancelled deal for them at the very first thought.

In this time, as a restaurant owner, you are well aware of the reality and customer preferences, why not go for some smart solutions that help you retain them for a longer time? The best solution we see here is adopting a customer-friendly online ordering POS system in your restaurant that lets the customer order from anywhere and everywhere before they actually come and dine-in.

Features of our online ordering POS system

The online ordering POS integration will not only help you in maintaining records at one place but will also minimise your work in a systematic way. It comes with the following benefits in hand:

– All online and offline order at one place
– Details of all offers, discounts and promotional codes
– Online payment options available through various resources
– Option for adding notes for customisation on every food order
– Easy to track orders for customers, waiters and the management
– Manual and automatic tax calculation on every order before checkout
– Elimination of human errors while taking an order or during payments
– Auto release of reports of every order received through online medium
– Price-wise presentation of the cuisine along with pictures and ingredients details

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