EFTPOS Integrations

Save Considerable Time and Effort with EFTPOS Integrations

EFTPOS or Electronic Funds Transfer for Point of Sales is a device that helps transfer funds directly from your bank account to a merchant’s bank account. It facilitates electronic payments. This goes hand in hand with the idea of a cashless economy and is hence considered progressive. However, a separate electronic device at the checkout counter may also lead to wastage of time. This is because the merchant may have to feed details to the POS system and calibrate the device to allow transfers. The manual input of funds may also cause errors. This is where the need for EFTPOS integrations is recognised.

EFTPOS integrations allow your EFTPOS PINpad to be linked directly to your POS without the need of another device. Therefore, the payment details are sent directly to the PINpad after a purchase has been recorded. This enables you to save time. The automated system also reduces the scope of errors.

Advantages of EFTPOS Integrations with Your POS

There are a number of reasons why EFTPOS integrations should be a part of your POS systems. Some of these are as under.

  • Time-Saving

An integrated POS system can help cut down queues at the checkout counter. This is because many functions can be performed together through EFTPOS integrations. This will result in more time saved for the customer and for the cashier. The queue will move quickly and you won’t lose out on sales due to waiting lines.

  • Money-Saving

The machine and installation cost of a separate EFTPOS is saved with integrations. Moreover, due to ease of transactions, a higher amount of revenue is gained. Since all operations are combined into a single system, integrations are beneficial.

  • Error-free Operations

When value is entered manually on a PINpad, the scope of human error increases. With an automated POS system this is eliminated because every item’s value is pre entered. Therefore, the customer pays what he owes and you get what you deserve.

  • Better Reports and Insights

An integrated POS system takes care of much more than just payments. You can keep getting reports and business insights at the click of a button. This ultimately helps you widen your prospects and opportunities. Your data is also more synchronised and is available at a single point.

All the above are reasons why EFTPOS integrations are worth investing in.

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