About Us

POS Depot was founded as a result of simple question. How do we incorporate modern day tech into the modern-day retail environment?

The benefits of tapping into the information superhighway that is the internet are, inarguably, immense. The task was to make it so that it was unobtrusive in the working space and easily integrated into day-to-day business practices without becoming a separate added on process.

The humble cash till emerged as a likely candidate for solving the above question. It is something that each business interacted with every day and was always manned by customer facing staff. Information relayed here would gradually flow down to every level of the organisation.

We put this theory to the test and deployed several iterations of a “super connected” POS system in rigorous everyday Australian business conditions. With each iteration, we came away with a set of observations and realisations of how business function and potential areas where our software and hardware could enhance or elevate the business operations. We kept adding, modifying and improving until we were confident that we had each scenario locked down.

What you see today on our website is the result of real-world input and research. Our POS hardware is carefully curated and the software that powers it is something that traditional and non- traditional business have weighed in on. We understand how complex even simple transactions can be and keeping in line with our original aim, it was designed to be non-intrusive and easy to learn, regardless of scale or nature of the business it is operating in.

Our POS solution is agile, constantly improving and inherently low maintenance. Think of it as another tool that redefines how you utilize data in your business. From business procurement to customer management. Nothing is more than three taps away.