Self-Ordering POS System

Out of all the businesses in the world, the restaurant business is considered to be the most difficult one. The biggest reason is that here you need to deal with hungry people, which is never a pleasant conversation.

Many other processes are involved in the restaurant business like inventory management, staff management, waste management, order taking and tracking, post order management, receipts and payments, and more. With all these aspects to handle, the restaurant owner misses out on the innovation in the main product i.e food.

The only focus of customers is good food and good service, irrespective of the work involved in making it. To be able to focus fully on the main work, it is best to delegate some of the work to technology. It is time to invest in a good tableside POS, that helps you in managing the customers easily with zero mistakes.

Features of Our Self-Order POS System

You can be a jack of all, but at times it’s good to be a master of one and focus on the core business. The installation of a self-ordering POS system will allow customers these benefits :

– E-menu service available
– Check the menu and order by self
– Multiple payments methods available
– Tracking of the ordered item in the restaurant
– Automatic display of the new item in the menu
– Display of ongoing offers on every food category
– Direct display of the final bill at the end of the order
– Accurate picture of the food and list of items available
– Communication with waiters and management through self-ordering POS
– Automatic tax deduction on the main amount post completion of the order
– Entire summary available of the order, brief and personal instructions given for the food

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