Inventory Stock Control POS System

Arm Yourself with the Best-integrated Point of Sale System for Stock Control

Integrated point of sale system of stock control from POS Depot can handle both beverages and food items. It can also handle your retail stock with simplicity and ease. You can easily know where each item of your stock is and when you are using it.

Our POS system stock control allows you to set the stock on min/max levels. It suggests when your stock is getting over, when it is time to order and which stock is still left in bulk. With our POS software, you can always keep your stock up to date.

Why Choose Our Integrated Point of Sale System of Stock Control?

Our POS system of stock control is quick and easy to use. It assists in adding and managing your entire stock. Our POS software has multiple features and ample benefits.

  • Right Products at the Right Time

With our integrated point of sale system of stock control, you get to monitor your stock closely, even while accessing remotely. You get to know what is selling and what is not through our comprehensive reporting system. It assists you in forecasting trends and taking more informed buying decisions.

  • Save Time

It’s time to ditch the pen and paper as our POS system stock control helps you in saving time and money. All you need to do when you receive any order is just scan the item barcode and the item would get logged out of the stock management system. Our POS software lets you coordinate all your inventory into one easy, centralised location. You can take care of stock orders, invoices, purchase orders, check vendor information and more from your POS terminal.

  • Multiple Stock locations & Multichannel Inventory

Do you have multiple stores? Do you need a particular product at one place more than the other? Well, with our POS system of stock control, get a live update on available stocks. This helps you in flawlessly managing stocks across multiple locations and warehouses. You can easily transfer the product needed at one store from the other store to avoid any kind of out-of-stock situations. In addition to this, if you are selling any product online, our POS software allows you to manage multi-channel inventory.

Our POS system stock control gives you accurate and live cost and quantities on hand. This allows you to see transparency within the point of sale system. We have the required expertise to provide you with the best in class integrated point of sale system of stock control. Connect with us today for your requirements.