Hospitality POS Systems

‘There is no love sincerer than the love for food.’

We all live for food. There is hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t like to explore good taste. This love and craze has kept the demand for the food industry at an all time high.

In the past decade, many restaurants have come up in the market with a variety of delicious foods. Due to the ongoing demand for different food types, there is good footfall in every single food joint, making it difficult or almost impossible to manage. This is especially true during weekends, special holidays, festivals and seasonal occasions. At this time, smart hospitality point of sale systems come to the rescue, making the checkout process easy and hassle-free.

Why are hospitality POS systems needed?

Hospitality is an industry that runs on networking and good customer relationships. A single mistake in managing the order or relationship can ruin even an year old business reputation in a fraction of seconds. A good hospitality POS system will help in maintaining relations in a better way due to the following features:

– Food usage tracking
– Reminders for the bookings
– Stock availability in the kitchen
– Add products manually without hassle
– Automatic bill generation at the checkout
– Registration and monitoring of the bookings
– Tracking announcements and promotions
– Direct bill and tax calculation at the checkout
– Seat availability communication with the customers
– Quick report generation and entry in the online account books
– Take orders from the customers and add notes in the current orders
– Automatic barcode generation on each item of stock, purchase and sale

A lot more is done by the new generation free POS software system for hospitality to make the daily work easy, quick and hassle-free at all stages. Seamless processing without much dependency on human resources, further helping to eliminate minor mistakes. To know more about our hospitality POS systems in Sydney, contact us or call us at 1300 646 288.